Friday, 6 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 20 WK.4

Day 20: Return to New Zealand
Your trip has now come to an end and it’s time to fly back to New Zealand. As you board the airplane, you start to think about all of the people who will be waiting to pick you up from the airport in Auckland and you get very excited. It’s time to go home!Auckland image.jpeg
Activity 1
Imagine that you have just arrived at the airport in Auckland. Your whole family is there to greet you. They can’t wait to hear all about your trip! You decide that you’ll go home and have a special meal together to celebrate your return. Your mum offers to make you anything that you would like to eat. On your blog, tell us what you would choose to have for your special meal.
If it was me, I would ask for homemade hamburgers with ketchup, American-style mustard, onions, tomato and lettuce; Cajun-style wedges with tomato sauce and Greek salad with cherry tomatoes and lots of feta cheese. For dessert I would ask for vanilla cake with chocolate icing and neapolitan ice cream. What would you ask for?
What I would ask for is a big dish of creamy Mac & Cheese and fresh hot garlic bread and fresh hot chips. For dessert I would ask for warm fresh out of the oven chocolate brownies with creamy vanilla ice cream.
Activity 2
After four full weeks of planning and travelling, you are now safely back in New Zealand. You have now had some time to relax and to reflect on your experiences. What are two things that you have learned from your travels? On your blog, tell us about any two things that you have learned.
Two things that I have learned is there are lots of amazing attractions and places in Canada also you need to be prepared to try and understand all of the different languages people speak around the world.
Bonus Activity
School is about to start again for a new year. Yay! Imagine that you walked into your classroom and your teacher asked you to stand up in front of the class and talk about the country that you visited. On your blog, you can:
  1. Post a short video clip of yourself talking about the country that you visited and the things that you learned (1 – 2 minutes)
  2. Type out what you would say to the class if you had 1 – 2 minutes to speak.
If I had to stand up in front of my class and talk about what I have learned about Canada I would say that it is a big beautiful country full of amazing attractions and I would tell them that the view from the top of the C.N tower in Toronto one of the towns in Canada was beautiful but scary because of how high it was. I would also tell them that Canada has delicious food like poutine that is a dish of potatoes chips topped with cheese curds and gravy which is one of the tastiest foods. I would tell them that about the weather and that they get snow during Christmas and that that was the first time I have ever seen or touched snow. I would tell them What the people were like and that some Canadians even speak french and that french is a very interesting but hard language to learn and understand. I would tell them that the zoo was awesome and that you should definitely
check out the cool pandas that they have and I thought that there were only pandas in america and Japan. Lastly I would tell them that Canada is one of the best country's to visit in the world because you can learn so much just like I did.
Bonus Activity = 15 points


  1. Kia ora Katelyn!

    I'm Mark, one of the teachers working on the Summer Learning Journey.

    WOW, you're already up to day 20?? What are you going to do with the rest of your holidays? Haha! I hope you spend them wisely, and keep doing things that keep your mind sharp, like reading or doing online puzzles.

    When I read the answer for activity one, it made me hungry. I especially feel like hot chips and brownie right now.

    For activity two, your answer was quite good. Those answers were good, and we should be prepared to communicate with people that do not speak English, because it isn't everyone's first language. In fact, English is often called "the worlds second language" because lots of countries use it as a medium to communicate in business and politics.

    For your bonus activity, I really enjoyed your answer, and then I saw the part that said it is worth 15 points! I think it's important for you to know this so I'm going to tell you. When something is 15 points, the points aren't that high because it is a hard question, the points are that high because we want to see 15 points worth of information.

    Right now, your answer says Canada is beautiful, full of attractions, has amazing food, and has interesting weather. That is about 4 different things, so maybe it will be worth about 4-8 points. If you want all the points you need a bigger answer with more things in it. Don't be afraid to be specific. Say "Oh the Zoo is lovely and check out the otters" or "if you want a French experience of Canada, go to Quebec!"

    I think you understand what is expected now, feel free to adjust your answers for past questions too, just in case you feel you haven't done quite enough.

    I'm not the one doing points by the way, I just thought I would let you know what it's about.

    Keep up the excellent work otherwise! I am really proud that I got to read your great blogs!


    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for making time to comment and read my blog I really appreciate it and I will change my answers and I will try to make them more interesting.

      Katelyn :)

    2. Hi Katelyn!

      WOW! What an amazing answer! I am so stoked that you've gone back in and done that, it has made it a top level answer that could probably be used as an exemplar for others!

      I am just so surprised! I am almost speechless!

      Keep up the AMAZING work! I really appreciate you taking my advice on board.


    3. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for replying and checking my blog again to see the changes I have made and your advice really helped me and I appreciate it.

      Katelyn :)

  2. My goodness, Katelyn, what a thorough description you have given of Canada!! It's very true that the view from our CN tower in Toronto is scary - I've been up the tower just once and my legs turned to jelly when I looked out over the edge of the viewing platform.

    Poutine is a very popular snack food in eastern Ontario where I live because we border with the province of Quebec and that's where poutine was first made. I don't care for it, actually, but a lot of people do!!!

    And you're right about snow here at Christmas time. We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground right now and some of the snowdrifts by our driveways are 5 feet high. Isn't that something?? We can barely shovel new snow up off the walkway now because we have to lift it above the snow that is already there. It's a good thing we're tall people!! And we have good shovels!

    Today our granddaughter came out to visit so we dressed her in her snowpants, snow coat, hat, scarf, mitts and boots. She looked like a snowman before we even left the house. It was so cold that we only stayed out about a half an hour, but we managed to play at the park once we swept all the snow off the steps up to the slide, and cleaned off the slide as well. Snow rules!!!

    I'm so glad that you chose to learn about Canada. I hope you'll try to come and visit our country one day!

    Super blogging, Katelyn!


  3. Hi Katelyn,

    Congratulations on completing the activities! I really admire your choice of words in your post and the heartfelt, honest, and sincere answers you gave.

    Great job!

    I agree with you at one part of your post about French being an interesting but hard language. I took French last year and during that time I've learned there's already lots of twists and turns around the words they use!


    P.S - I've noticed that you've been posting lots of very helpful and encouraging comments on other student's blogs! How nice!

    1. Hey Willy,

      Thanks for commenting and reading my blog I really appreciate it and i'm a little sad the summer blogging activities have finished because I had so much fun participating.

      Katelyn :)

  4. Hi Katelyn,

    My name is Madeleine and I live in Canada. I really enjoyed reading your blog! You describe things so well, when you talked about food, I started to get hungry! I also love your writing style. I also lvoe music! Keep on writing and creating, and have an awesome day!

    1. Hey Madeleine,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog I really appreciate it.

      Katelyn :)

  5. Hey Katelyn,
    As a Canadian myself, I really liked your response and thought it was really accurate and thoughtful. Keep up the great work.

  6. Hey Katelyn,
    I would say that I have been to lots of cool things and tried awesome food and other things.

    I visited the Niggeria falls and it was very large. Also I learned heaps of new facts and things about the country and it's history and other things.

    Great Blogging
    Keep it up

  7. Hi Katelyn,

    Congratulations on placing second equal in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme for St Pius X school this past holiday. You were a blogging star! I will look forward to seeing you when I come in to the school to hand out prizes and certificates.

    See you soon!


    1. Hey Rachel,

      Thanks a lot for the awesome prizes I have been away these last weeks and I have just gotten my prize today.