Thursday, 5 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 19 WK.4

Day 19: Planes, trains and automobiles
It’s the last day in your country and it’s the final chance to head out and see places or people that you have yet to visit. It’s also your last day to sample the local food and enjoy the atmosphere. You decide that you will head out of the city and explore some of the smaller, neighbouring towns. In order to leave the city, you will need to find a vehicle. It could be a bus, a train, a taxi, a bicycle, a scooter...
Activity 1
Let’s imagine that the neighbouring town was about 30 kilometres away. There are a number of beautiful villages and interesting things to see along the way. You have four options for this trip. You can take a:
  1. Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return)
  2. Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
  3. Scooter – 1 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops; $5 for the trip (return)
  4. Bicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops but there are some hills along the way; $1 (return)
On your blog, tell us which of these four options you would choose and why!
I would chose the bus because I get to take to stops to look at 2 interesting villages and it is a quicker option to get to town also it is a good price range.
Activity 2
These days there are, literally, dozens of different kinds of vehicles that we can use. Some of them are quite familiar (eg. car, truck, bus) but some are very unique and different. Watch this Youtube clip of the most Amazing vehicles ever made.
When you have finished tell us which of the vehicles you liked the most. On your blog tell us the name of the vehicle and the reasons why you liked it so much. There are a number of pretty interesting options!
One of the vehicles I really liked and thought was really cool was the hover board because it actually hovers  above the ground the other vehicle I liked was called the segway because it can take you anywhere you want and it looks really fun to ride.
Bonus Activity
The Canadian government has decided to build the longest walking trail in the world. It is called the Great Trail’ and it covers 15 000 miles. Wow! For this activity, we are drawing inspiration from this walking trail and thinking about our own footprints.
Your task is to use DrawIsland tool to create your own digital footprint. The footprint must include your name and the name of the country that you are visiting. Otherwise, you can decorate it in any way that you want. It’s totally up to you! Once you have drawn your footprint, save it, and then upload it to your blog. Here is an example of my footprint:

Bonus Blog = 8 points


  1. Hi Katelyn,

    Well done with the footprint challenge. It isn't easy but you did it! Way to go ;)

    I really enjoyed reading your blog posts today as you clearly put a lot of thought into the transportation options for your journey. I think that you made a wise choice by opting for the bus as it is relatively inexpensive and it will allow you to explore the country quite easily. Given that the weather is quite cold in Canada at the moment you will also be much happier in a bus than on a bicycle or a scooter in January...

    I have actually ridden a bike in the snow before but it is quite difficult! Perhaps they will actually market alternative options, like hover boards, one day soon. Would you like to ride a hover board to school? It sounds like a lot of fun to me!

    Keep up the great work, Katelyn. You are SOOO close to completing the entire journey. You just have one day to go!!!

    Keep it up. You can do it!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hey Rachel,

      Thanks for commenting and it would be fun to ride a hover board to school.

      Katelyn :)

  2. Hey Katelyn,
    Well done your nearly finished the entire thing so you only have one more day to go!. I would love to ride a hover board they sound cool as. One of the other things is that it will be really cool to own one.

    Great Blogging!!!.
    Happy New Year
    Jerome :)

    1. Hey Jerome,

      Thanks for making time to comment on my blog and I saw your blog and I saw that you have already finished and you have been putting awesome effort into your work.

      Happy New Year!!


  3. Hi Katelyn,

    You've given some good thought to your transportation choice and I agree with you, taking a bus gives you a chance to stop and see more communities than a train would. Sometimes the most interesting places in a country are found between the towns and cities. And sometimes the small communities are more interesting and beautiful than the large ones, I think. Always good to keep your options open!

    And I love your digital Footprint - very bright, colourful and cheerful! And it clearly shows where you wish to travel to! Well done!

    Great work, Katelyn!


    1. Hey Leslie,

      Thanks for making time to read and comment on my blog I really appreciate it.

      Katelyn :)