Friday, 11 December 2015

Kelly Tarltons

On Thursday morning Saint Pius went to Kelly Tarltons to learn about sea life. I was really excited. We went on a bus with Room 3. Everybody was yelling which made my ears sore.

When we arrived I was really excited. First, the lady told us the rules than we went and looked at the penguins. They looked funny because of the way they walked they were waddling and the baby penguins looked fluffy and ugly at the same time. They made me laugh.

Next we went to see my favourite sea creature the stingrays. When we walked in I saw a huge glass tank full of stingrays then I saw a lady come out to feed them. They looked like carpet floating in the water and they had tiny eyes and a small mouth. They were splashing the lady that was feeding them and were coming up close to the glass they made me feel happy and excited. After that we went and saw the moon jellyfish. They were bright colours of red, blue and green which made me feel happy.

Then we went into a room and a lady talked to us about the environment and showed us pictures of sea animals eating the rubbish people throw in the water. After that she showed us a fish egg, shark skin and a shark jaw. The shark egg felt like plastic and it was rubbery. The shark skin felt like rough sandpaper on one side and on the other side it was smooth and soft. The shark jaw was sharp because of the teeth and it was huge. I liked the shark skin and the shark jaw the best because they looked interesting.

Later on when we finished looking at all the weird and funny looking sea creatures we went back to school on a bus and had lunch. It was an amazing experience for me because I learned a lot of new and interesting things.