Friday, 2 December 2016

The Worst Hospital Trip Ever

Today I missed school because I had to go to the NOT the best place on planet earth but not the worst; I had to go to  the HOSPITAL!!! (Dramatic Music).  I DID NOT LIKE the hospital it was like your worst nightmare to me but I had no other choice but to suck it up and get on with it.  

In the waiting room there were kids crying and screaming toys were scattered everywhere,  kids having tantrums in the corner of the room. It was like I had just entered a HORROR MOVIE! and there was no way out.
So we were waiting and waiting and as I began to fall asleep I heard a child SCREAMING like someone just dropped dead like a fly right in front of him. He wanted to play with the WATER TANK when there was thousands of toys around him but no,  he wanted to play with the stupid water tank.I just wanted to get up and shake him but I just stayed calm and asked my mum to get me something to eat. She came back with a FREEZING cold sandwich that tasted like cold ham.

Finally I got seen by a nurse who was shorter than me. I looked like a tree standing next to her. She checked my blood pressure with this machine and it squeezed my arm so tight that it felt like it was strangling it then when it finally released the pressure it felt like my arm could finally breathe again.

After she checked me I had to go back into the NIGHTMARE ( more dramatic music). When I walked out it was surprisingly quiet. I felt Iike I had walked back into the real world. Kids were playing together quietly and I could FINALLY hear the tv from where I was sitting. My mum got me a juice box and some vege chips which I actually enjoyed.

A little later on I saw a tall doctor and a lady and we just talked about boring yet serious stuff about my health.  FINALLY we got to go HOME. I was so happy.

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  1. Katelyn,

    I really liked your recount because it has a strong personal voice. I got a real sense of what a hospital visit was like for you.
    I also hate the waiting around and the gross food from the machines.
    Please keep writing!
    Mrs Middleton